CCC Vision 2020

Want to learn about tree planting, eco fashion, growing your own food and become part of a vibrant community in which unique perspectives on our connection to our environment are shared? Join us this year for some exciting activities!

Renewed at the Waterfalls of Obosomase

Church masses often evoke a sense of sombreness, giving congregants the space to reflect, while drawing them closer to each other via the shared experience of the divine. Our recent Church of Climate Change mass was less sombre – but our goals were similar. We hiked, washed off the dirt and heat in unbelievably cool pools of a waterfall and ate delicious vegetarian food. In marking our second mass, we spent an adventurous time at the Obosomase waterfalls.

Sunday Morning Service – a Plastic Exorcism

This year, Earth Day called on us to End Plastic Pollution. Always up for a challenge, we gathered some members of the Church of Climate Change and organized a cleanup. There’s no simpler way to LIBTYFI: Leave It Better Than You Found It. We picked up trash (90% plastic!) off Sakumono Beach in Tema, Ghana. Our Earth Day cleanup was in partnership with Niantic, the Pokémon Go company. They put up the event on their website among many worldwide so that Pokémon Go players could find us and sign up.

Halleluyah, the Church of Climate Change is here

We are all trying to race towards the promises of success. As we go, we get stuck in the mucky mess of our Greed-Dressed-As-Ambition. What are we willing to die for? Or rather to live for - and what kind of life? Is it economic wealth? How about our lungs and the air we breathe? The food we eat? The soil? The future? Now take a deep breath...

The Church of Climate Change

A temple for the green of hearts! Imagine a space where we can convert our climate change concerns into action. Reflect on the state of our world and compensate for our CO2 sins.

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