Corona and climate - interview by VPRO

After months of making sense of the state of our world, Dutch broadcaster VPRO asked us what we think of climate change and the current pandemic. You can watch the full interview (in Dutch) under this link. During our hours of conversation with interviewer Soraya, we spoke about many interconnected challenges.

Ama on BNR Newsradio

If you are up this Saturday morning ánd speak Dutch (what are the odds?!), tune into BNR News Radio at 11. Ama - the creative card up Dr. Monk's sleeve - will be interviewed on what it's like to work in such different contexts as we do.

Ama in the New York Times

Ama, the sun of Dr. Monk, is featured in the New York Times! You can read the article that she helped with online, right here. Authored by Russell Shorto, it shines a light on modern-day Ghana, international heritage, slavery - topics we can ponder upon endlessly. 

Lynn at Lowlands

Aren't festivals the greatest? It's where everyone loves everyone. Co-founder Lynn, the stargazer of Dr. Monk, spoke at the biggest one in The Netherlands called Lowlands. On how love opens the door brave new worlds EVERY day of the year.

Ama in De Volkskrant

Ama van Dantzig, the dream doctor of Dr. Monk, was interviewed for De  Volkskrant. About her life and ideas. For the Dutchies: the article will appear in the paper soon, but you can already find it online here.

Lynn in Happinez

Co-founder Lynn Zebeda, the Napoleon of Dr. Monk, was interviewed for the lovely Happinez magazine. On Mandela, mindsets, sustainable innovation, and new worlds blossoming. Speak Dutch? Read it here:

Lynn Zebeda in Telegraaf: "Free your mind..."

"... and the rest will follow! Be color blind! Don't be so shallow!" Or something. Lynn Zebeda can go on and on. She did it again, in De Telegraaf this time (in Dutch). Her message: choose to choose to choose for sustainability. Get it?

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