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In Accra, you can find us in West-Legon, at Frema Avenue 13. Welcome to visit and have a cool drink in our green office garden.

Our headquarters in Amsterdam are located at The Ceuvel, an urban playground for innovation and creativity. Address: Korte Papaverweg 2. When you enter the gate to this little city paradise, our boat is the first one on your right.

The Ceuvel is a 20 minute walk/10 minute bike ride from the Buiksloterveer ferry that leaves from behind Amsterdam Central Station. Here you can also take bus 34, 35, 391 and 394 to Mosplein and walk for 5 minutes. If you come by car, there is limited (free) parking at The Ceuvel itself and much (free) parking in the area, for instance along the Papaverweg.

We can't wait to meet you!

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Dr. Monk in Accra

Frema Avenue 13
University of Ghana PO Box 12
West Legon Accra

Looking for Ama?
+31618947714 (Ama in Amsterdam)
+233246550609 (Ama when in Accra)

Dr. Monk in Amsterdam

De Ceuvel
Korte Papaverweg 2B
1032 KB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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What is Dr Monk?

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation. We work with pioneering clients to develop interventions that will help us move towards a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future.

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