Image: Phalaborwa, South Africa

Research and ideation for a just new world

Dr. Monk designs interventions to catapult us into a more just, green and compassionate future.

Our offices are in Ghana and The Netherlands and we work internationally, allowing us to combine different perspectives and connect unusual suspects. Our team consists of engaged researchers, innovators and strategists. We're in cahoots with a worldwide society of pioneers and changemakers that inspire us daily.

From working with communities in different places, to strategizing with influential leaders to create structural change, our work is like social acupuncture. We strive to develop and support exactly those ideas and interventions that unleash much needed societal shifts. Want to stay updated on what we learn and do? Join our newsletter list here.

Our clients call us when they need brainpower, creativity and systems thinking to solve real issues, with positivity sprinkled on top. There are three ways you can work with us:

Research projects

Want to solve a social challenge? In these tailored research and ideation projects, we dig deep to unearth hidden treasures and emerge with solutions to issues of equality and sustainability. Our dream clients are those who are ready and able to scale their impact. Have a look at our project portfolio or get in touch to learn more.


High-level meeting that needs energy, creativity and impact thinking? In the sessions we facilitate, we together shape, knead and mould ideas that inspire and activate. We've worked with country Ministers, climate negotiators, musicians, artists and others with the potential to think and act big. Book a session by getting in touch.

Subscription to a whole new world

Step into a whole new world! Through the years, we have collected a treasure trove of knowledge, tools and vim to help us transition into a new future. We're developing a subscription that will help you tap into the source, too. Interested? Sign up for updates here.

What is the Church of Climate Change?

We've started a fresh, inclusive church that takes on the realities of climate change. Within our community we reflect on the state of our environment and come up with actions that will help you Leave It Better Than You Found It.

Church of climate change

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