Team Dr. Monk

Core team

Move over, Captain Planet! When our team is together we can move mountains. Our core team is strengthened by a worldwide circle of fantastic collaborators. Find us in our garden office in Accra, our boat office in Amsterdam, or somewhere in the wide blue yonder.
  • Ama van Dantzig

    A creative mastermind, Ama divides her time between Accra and Amsterdam - building bridges between seemingly opposite worlds. With vast experience on the ground in many countries and communities, Ama believes in the ability of people to generate ingenious solutions for the challenges of our time. Variety is the spice of life, which is why Ama continues to find energy in the novel and the innovative. Find Ama on LinkedIn.

  • Lynn Zebeda

    A passionate soul, Lynn has worked with partners on five continents on reinventing the world. She has diverse experience in sustainability, media and social enterprise. Lynn is an energetic, highly committed and analytical team player. She finds herself surrounded by a growing community of highly inspirational people who give her the necessary vim and vigor to actualize the potential she sees all around. Find Lynn on LinkedIn.

  • Afra Foli
    Researcher, writer, project slayer

    Dr. Monk’s love child, working from our headquarters in Accra. Afra has varied research and editorial experience and is pushed by her need to understand what makes the world go around. Heavy bag of questions in hand, she tries to uncover the truths that illuminate the roads to problem-solving. She’s also an aficionado of stories in all forms. Find Afra on LinkedIn.

  • Kwame Kondor
    Logistics coordinator, filmmaker, nature lover

    Dr. Monk's EXCELLENT logistics coordinator in Accra. He has his sleeves rolled up and is always ready for action, since the inception of Dr. Monk! Kwame can do anything: from being the life of the party, to coordinating groups of people for research, to coaxing our garden into bloom. All these talents Kwame feeds with his passion for people and planet.

  • Jamel Buhari
    Junior Researcher

    Big-hearted Jamel is an International Studies brainiac who supports the Amsterdam office with his knowledge of politics, his knack for organization and his flawless style. He’s passionate about freedom, in all its shapes. He creates beautiful moodboards and doles out style advice in a reassuring deep voice. Find Jamel on LinkedIn.


Besides our core team of six that is spread out over Amsterdam and Accra, our superpowers come from our international tribe of I&I's. I&I stands for WE as one. Dr. Monk is in cahoots with an undercover society of creatives, thinkers, content experts, researchers, activists, planet lovers, treehuggers, fashion facists, curators, architects, scientists, writers, marketeers, humanitarians and vegetarians… each bringing in a special flavor to the mashup of dynamic, surprising, world changing ideas. They inspire and lift us up every day. For each project, we cherry-pick our wider team and consult our gurus.

  • There is a big buzz around this game changer and it is not only because he is dedicated to saving the bees. He also designs games for social change and green healthy workspaces, along with many other tools for reaching societal tipping points.
  • Rigorous in exposing the truth about the social impact of any intervention, Kellie is THE person to reach out to with a dilemma. This stunning woman has an insatiable thirst for making evidence-based and intelligent choices, while never losing sight of her vision of a more equal and poverty free world.
  • With his dry deadpan sense of humor and torturous perfectionism, Thijs has liberated his beautiful brain from the box. He craftily tells stories, weaving together words, images, ink or anything he can get his hands on to inspire wonder in his audience.
  • Kind yet fierce when it comes to global justice, Eefke is a perfect match with Dr. Monk. Her antennas pick up any signal of the emerging brave new world. Her notebook with world-changing concepts gets filled every day.
  • Environmentalist super star with out of the box ideas. He describes himself as the “African Gypsy” and is seen all across the globe barefoot and in a sarong, performing for thousands of young people.
  • A huge heart, an admiring eye and an avid writer. Charlotte sheds a pioneering perspective on all things emerging from the fringes of the fashion universe.
  • The world is Laura’s design studio where she experiments with ideas that could revolutionize how we do simple things, like visit the toilet. She is our interaction design partner in crime, always in the eye of an innovation storm.
  • Design, fashion and emerging trends – Dewi sees it all. She is our personification of style. With her ear on the ground, she can hear the heart of the masses throbbing faster and she knows what is causing it!
  • Dinu manages to bring it all together. She is exceptionally perceptive, dedicated, analytical, creative and warmhearted. She has a passion for public health issues, especially maternal health, and can give a great massage!
  • A nomadic draftsman who is a closet case idealist, with a critical mind and a passion for music, art, esotericism and permaculture.
  • A bright rising star who infuses idealism in her activities, such as media productions, marketing, sales and baobab oil production.
  • Wies will change the world! An insatiable and outspoken idealist who is committed to a fair world. She works tirelessly on the topic closest to her heart: international migration.
  • An architect with a heart that fits the entire world, Kiara can create anything with her own hands. She likes to explore, analyse and conceptualise until the most amazing results come up.
  • Daniel is dedicated to personal and community transformation. As a smart, analytical, passionate and creative person he loves art, music and promoting youth and climate projects for UNICEF and the likes.
  • Titiaan: a remarkable visionary and change agent whose secret weapon is his ability to bring people together and infect the masses with a “can do” spirit. He is a civil engineer who works on sustainability topics ranging from energy efficiency to leadership.
  • Follow this man on a thought adventure and you will not return the same. He is insightful, analytical and has a great sense of humor. He has a passion for political economy and play.
  • Some people know Daniel as a cool-headed forest fire fighter, some as an ingenious online strategist, others as a health guru. In whichever shape or form you know him, Daniel puts his heart into what he does and is endlessly loyal to the people around him.
  • Another Kaput, a different world. Chris is on a mission to bring the philosophy of permaculture into the hearts, minds and gardens of people. From urban rooftops to Haitian forests: Chris has just the brilliant mind and compelling vision to get it done.
  • Do you see that gentle giant on the horizon? It's Adam, sailing around the world, looking for more good to do. Adam has much hands-on knowledge about gardening, green building and clean energy.
  • Maria was born ready to make a difference. She is conscientious, focused, clever and full of inspiration. She travels across the globe working in emergencies and is specialized in child protection.
  • Beauty shines brighter through Hikaru’s eyes. When she shares this with her audience through film, they are irresistibly moved. With an eye for perfection and covert patience, she makes ethnography cool while telling a captivating story.

Our mentors and gurus

We are lucky to have several wise advisors around us. Here is what they have to say about Dr. Monk:

“Dr. Monk was always a mystery to me, but since I met Ama and Lynn he stands for the joyful celebration of life.”

Ruud Lubbers
Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands

“Dr. Monk is refreshing, energizing and compelling in its role as linking pin in the transition to a new world. With all the required ideals and formatives you can imagine.”

Laurens Smals
Serial Entrepreneur in the Eye of the Storm

“Dr. Monk, for the necessary positive counter-perspective”

Marijke Winters
Professor, Motivator and Coach at Hogeschool Rotterdam and Far, Far Beyond

“Some talk about changing the world. Others breathe it, live it and do it. That’s Dr. Monk.”

Dave Jongeneelen
Game Changer and Chief Idealist at Better Future

“When you work hard, you have to rest well.”

Oma Jan
Most Beautiful, Humorous, Wise, Loving, Quote-Worthy Grandma

“For out of the box and exceptionally creative advice, Dr. Monk is the one you need.”

Herman Wijffels
The Prime Minister that The Netherlands Wished They Would Have

“Rooted in this time’s spirit. Doers, creative, straight to the point, not afraid to experiment and extraordinarily fun and inspiring. Plus sustainable, engaged, hands on, connecting, interested, frontrunning and with a hearty laugh. So how do I say that in one sentence?”

Ted van den Bergh
Director and Connector at Triodos Foundation

“You can't own land. You are born onto the land. You work on the land. Then you die and return to the land. It's ridiculous to think that you can own land.”

Most Strong, No-Nonsense, Cool, Sturdy, Grounded, Honest Grandma

“Dr. Monk blends both African and European perspectives in their analysis of issues and creative crafting of solutions.”

Dorothy Gordon
Director-General of Ghana's first Advanced Information Technology Institute

What is Dr Monk?

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation. We work with pioneering clients to develop interventions that will help us move towards a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future.

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