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The Church of Climate Change

Dr. Monk and friends, 2017-present

How might we convert our climate change concerns into collective action?

We're building a community for climate resilience. Together we reflect on the state of our world, compensate for our CO2 sins, and become stronger in the face of climate change

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In Ghana, one of our homes, climate change is no longer a theoretical problem. The sea is eating the land, the rain is brutal and unpredictable, the heat is scorching... Yet awareness about what to do in the face of change, is missing.

Also in Ghana, churches are a hit! Because we all need spirituality, and because we have always been a collective. Churches are meeting points with clear rules on how to be pure and do good.

Enter: the Church of Climate Change. It starts with a community in Accra, later joined by sister gatherings in other cities. This church is meant to be a safe haven for creatives, thinkers and doers who feel a responsibility towards our communities and environments. By building a proverbial church we bring people together, we learn and share about climate change related topics, we reflect on what taking responsibility means and take real relevant action that leads to resilient communities of life.


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What might you find in the Church of Climate Change? Storytelling on our connection to the trees and the oceans (“They breathe in what we breathe out! We breathe in what comes out of them!” Preach!). Clubs for urban farming and city greening, repurposing, reforestation, local food supply. LIBTYFI activities: Leave It Better Than You Found It, like cleanups. Lectures about resilience like DIY clean energy, ocean acidification, and what to do when the water comes. The farmers, the fishermen who see first-hand what is happening - they are some of the experts we want to hear from.

You can actively compensate for your CO2 sins, by participating in projects like creating an urban food forest. Through an online platform, citizens of CO2 heavy nations can contribute too. After the first phase, the plan is to grow our activities in other countries too - a church for the green of hearts, worldwide.


We invite all collaborators! Please write to hello@drmonk.org if you want to make this project your own.

P.S. Here is our Kwame explaining the project to you

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