Concrete jungles turned green - High Lines around the world

Right the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York City, a community of residents recycled an old train track to become an oasis of green. Put together with imagination and creativity, The High Line has inspired cities around the world to do the same.

Built on an historic rail line elevated above the streets, The High Line stretches 1.5 miles above Manhattan, New York. This linear park, filled with local ecology, drew its inspiration from the Promenade Plantée in Paris and in turn sparked similar projects around the world. Check out the Lego Bridge that reinvigorates Wuppertal, Germany, Jerusalem Railway Park that wants to create harmony in Israel, or the Rotterdam-based Hofbogen project that wants to radically reduce CO2 in The Netherlands.

Is this a green revival of the City Beautiful movement of the 1890s and 1900s? Sure looks like it!

P.S. New York is already working on its 'Low Line' - a very innovative underground park that will use solar technology to bring sunlight below the Lower East Side of New York. 

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