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Call for collaborators: Ananse Climate Fellowship

Do you want to be part of a group of creatives working towardsmaking a change in the face of climate change? Join us! We are looking for creative writers and illustrators for our Ananse Climate Education project. In this project we are building a climate education kit that we spread in Ghana. The education focuses on preparing children for the future of climate change and being resilient. As part of this climate education kit, we want to create adventurous and modern day Ananse stories aimed at children in Ghana (8-11 years old). We are looking for bold and creative, out of the box thinkers to help us create and illustrate these stories. During the one-month Ananse Climate Fellowship, you will embark on a journey with inspiring speakers, musicians, artist and international climate experts to create the kit. It will be an educational and inspiring journey.

Why this project?

Ghana silently faces climate disasters. Eroding coasts, disappearing forests, and unpredictable rainfall are just a few aspects. The focus of this project is education, to address at the root the ability to respond to the climate crisis. Our Climate Change Education Kit aims to contribute to preparing children in Ghana for these climate realities. Through building stories for and with children, we hope to spark a way of thinking about themselves and the nature surrounding them. Using Ananse storytelling, interactive tools and activities, school-aged children will learn about climate change and its consequences. While Climate conditions worsen in the country, the gap on the basic knowledge of Climate Change and its consequences remain unknown to many especially the next generation of leaders. Through this educational toolkit we aim to educate children on the Climate, Climate Change and related topics through storytelling already familiar to them.

The one-month Ananse Climate Fellowship will take place in May 2021. During the one-month co-creative program, the writer(s) and Illustrator(s) will engage in meetings with experts from the creative and climate sectors, assignments, brainstorming sessions, research and creative sessions. While engaging with the planned program, the creatives are to come up with 5 stories together which will go into the kit. For the purpose of the project, we are focused on writers, illustrators and educators living in Ghana. However, several of the sessions will be open to everyone.

For the fellows, this program will last for 1 month and entail both online and offline activities. The program consists of 3 meetings a week.

  • 2 during weekdays – Online- Expert panels and brainstorm sessions- 2- 3 hours per day.
  • 1 during the weekend – Offline and Online sessions- fieldtrips, inspiration sessions– time differs per session.

Offline sessions will include visits to the Dr. Monk Office in Accra where needed, visits to sites and places on arrangement/assignment. Selected participants will be sent a full schedule.
*In the planning for our workshops we take all Covid-19 protocols and regulations in consideration. If need be, all the sessions will be online.

What do you get?

During a one-month co-creation workshop, you will embark on a journey. This is an opportunity to flex your creative muscles, work on one of the greatest challenges of our time and make a positive change now and for future generations. You get to work on a cool project while creating real impact, reaching thousands of children in Ghana. In addition, you get to build your cv and your network. You will of course receive a stipend for your engagement and contribution.

General requirements

We are looking for a small team consisting of highly motivated writers and illustrators. Ideal candidates fit the l requirements listed below. Please note that this is a wishlist, and we still welcome you to apply if you don’t meet all the requirements!

  1. Since the offline sessions are in Accra, we are looking for Ghana-based participants.
  2. Fully committed the project and available in May 2021- participation is required.
  3. Experience and/or affinity with the topic of climate change and/or Ananse story development
  4. Proven working experience within the field of writing or illustration.
  5. Preferably, knowledge of/experience with the target group (school children 8-11).
  6. Motivation & commitment

Application guideline


1. Send in short motivation (max 1 page) on why you want to participate in the co-creation workshop. This should include why you think this project is important and how your contribution can make a difference.
2. Write an excerpt of a modern day Ananse fighting climate change in Ghana (max 500 words).
3. Share your cv.
4. Share your portfolio or sample of your work.


1. Send in short motivation (max 1 page) on why you want to participate in the co-creation workshop. This should include why you think this project is important and how your contribution can make a difference.
2. Create a draft illustration (or sketch) that illustrates a modern day Ananse fighting climate change in Ghana.
3. Share your cv.
4. Share your portfolio.

The deadline for the call for collaborators is the 11th of April. Please send your application to hello@drmonk.org.

More information?

For more information about the project, check out our project page. If you have more questions about this call for collaborators, please contact Elizabeth Johnson (elizabeth@drmonk.org)

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