Tippy Tap goes to Jamestown

A few weeks back, as a spontaneous response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a DIY video that showed how to build a tap in case you don't have running water. The video was picked up widely, reaching over 100k people through a collab with online platform ViDi, plus several community organizers in Ghana and beyond. We were able to support a local NGO in Jamestown, Accra in building tippy taps in their community.

Our long-time collaborator and community organizer Rita from No Limits, a local NGO, works with children in Jamestown on education, wellbeing and personal development. When Rita reached out to us, we quickly made a plan to support her and the children she works with to build tippy taps.

The WHO notes that only 41 percent of Ghana’s population has access to basic handwashing facilities at home. In low-income communities such as Jamestown, many people do not have access to clean running water. As a densely populated community, Jamestown is prone to viral outbreak.

This experience showed us the power and resilience of a community getting together and taking matters in their own hands. With the help of a group of Jamestown kids, we were able to build the first tap, while spreading awareness about the importance of handwashing.

Our work tends to be about long-term systemic change, thinking through interventions that will move our society in a more sustainable and equal direction. But at times, it is good to just create on the spot, working with what you have in a way that is immediately felt. We hope to inspire you to do the same in your community.

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