Stay safe! With this tip top tap

During these times of COVID-19, we all know how important it is to wash our hands in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The WHO's 20-second handwashing rule assumes you have access to clean running water, but what if you don’t? We are creating short simple videos to empower low-resource communities to protect themselves against coronavirus. And working with community partners to support implementation. The first video helps communities in need to build their own simple tap and know how to wash hands well well!

In the video Dr. Monk's Kwame shows us how you can build a Tippy Tap. This tap can be easily built with materials found in or around the house.

The video has so far been picked up by a number of community organizers in Ghana, who will use it to build taps with children in Accra and in a rural cocoa community. As such thousands of people will have improved access to running water to wash their hands. We are also working with a social platform with video tutorials for people in the global South to spread it more widely. We love the power and resilience of communities getting together and taking matters in their own hands.

The videos are currently mainly shared through whatsapp. Feel free to reach out to Kwame at +233244202923 to receive your copy of the video that you can share!

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