Wet wonder: Makoko floating school in Nigeria

Can't be too cool for this school! This floating beauty was built by architecture firm NLÉ for the water community of Makoko, near Lagos, Nigeria. It addresses the community's educational needs and serves as an innovative example for other coastal communities that face climate change and rapid urbanization.

Climate change is now a fact and we better start adapting. With sea water warming up and expanding, and polar ice melting, global sea levels are on the rise. Low-lying coastal areas, including highly populated places like Amsterdam, Bangkok, Lagos and New York, are at risk of flooding (do click on this awesome graphic to learn more about the effects). This means people need to either move or adjust.


Makoko, a fishing village, has historically been living on water and the Makoko Floating School seamlessly fits the inhabitants' lifestyle. It is an example of how we can create an ecological alternative building system and urban water culture in similar coastal places.

NLÉ, headed by our brilliant friend Kunlé Adeyemi, was nominated for a Design of the Year award for this project. Kunlé, we are so proud of you!

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