Kojo Afate Gnikou

Don't waste an opportunity - African 3D printer made from scrap

The tiny capital of Togo, Lomé, is making it big! A member of incubator Woelab used electronic waste to produce a $100 3D printer. The inventor, Kojo Afate Gnikou, has a dream to make Africa count in international markets when it comes to technology. Using this crowdfunding website he was able to fund the development of his fully working wonder machine.

With his home made e-waste printer, Kodjo has further revolutionized 3D printing by using pieces of old computers, printers and scanners (missed out on all the fuss around 3D printing? Check this out.)

Kojo Afate Gnikou found the necessary parts in neighboring Ghana, where the world's second largest e-waste dump continues to grow. Hundreds of tons of electronic waste end up at Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana and a lot (re)usable parts are found mixed in with poisonous waste. Kodjo, who is now participating in NASA's International Space Apps Challenge, says: “..rather than send its electronic waste to the poor countries, why can't the West send it to Mars?”

Do you smell opportunity yet?

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