A is for Animal-Free

We love a good challenge. This time, it emerged while watching the ground-breaking environmental documentary Cowspiracy, with insights that dropped on us like a bomb. The film takes on one of the most destructive industries today: animal agriculture. And how it impacts our land, oceans, climate. The livestock industry as a whole accounts for 51% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions: more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport combined. And that is when five of us decided to stop eating animal products all together, for three months. Here is how it went down.

A is for Avocado, B is for Bananas, C is for Can’t-Eat-Cheese

Now that we’re finished and we look back, it was pretty... easy? But only thanks to the hundreds of avocados and bananas. And the houmous that we ate every single day. There were moments we missed the croissants and the eggs in the morning. And man, we dreamt about CHEESE. But all in all, we got creative with veggies (who knew seaweed was delicious) and connected with our inner open minded foodies.

Crunching On Some Numbers

Here are seven things we learned by not eating animals for three months with a group of five:

1. Compared to a meaty diet, together we saved 4095 kg of CO2 and a whole lot of methane, which is an even worse greenhouse gas
2. And 1875 litres of water
3. And 1260 square meters of forest
4. And up to 450 animals
5. Animal products are found in the weirdest places. Pork fat in your regular ol’ coffee capsules, lemonade and wine. Why are we so addicted to animals?!
6. Oreos are vegan too! And we ate piles of them. Read yo labels!
7. Besides the Oreos, we ate much healthier than we used to

Climatarians 4 Life

Et voila, our three animal-free months have come to an end. But we’re not finished with crafting our own brand of climatarian lifestyle just yet. We've got mad love for the planet and if that means saying goodbye to just putting everything in our mouths that we feel like putting there, so be it. #peace

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