What is Dr. Monk

Dr. Monk is a social innovation studio, with headquarters in Amsterdam and Accra. We work with game changers, pioneers and visionaries to create a new world. One that is fair, green, connected and filled with opportunity. Dr. Monk has a three-pronged approach to catapulting society into the emerging future:


We research trends, act as strategic sparring partner and ideate new concepts. We love to dig deep, unearth hidden treasures and share the wealth of knowledge that will help us transition into a bright and green future. Our clients vary from big organizations to small local pioneers. We love them all. See project portfolio.


WE ARE ALL INVOLVED in building a blossoming future. This is the core notion we cultivate. We craft creative ideas which we shape, knead and mould into surprising media concepts that inspire and activate. We create media formats independently, and also work with clients such as broadcasters. We really like presenting. We represent! See project portfolio.


Step into a whole new world! We translate the things we think about into concepts that make a difference. Our Vault is the place where we develop our own ideas and make them come to life. Stay tuned as we uncover them here. Want to help? Get in touch.


We create our vision as we move, learn and do. One fine day our monk-i-festos will appear here.