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Feeding school children in Ghana

PCD, 2012

Dr. Monk, how to improve quality of meals given to school children in Ghana?

Partnership for Child Development (PCD) is an NGO hosted by Imperial College in London. It is an evidence-based organization, involved in promoting a holistic approach to school health and nutrition. In Ghana, PCD provides technical assistance to the government in implementing the nation-wide school feeding program

Dr. Monk supported PCD in launching and implementing a Dubai Cares funded nutrition project, that aims to improve the nutritional quality of the meals given to children within the school feeding program.

We further supported PCD in coordinating various other in-country projects and activities, such as an innovative impact assessment of the school feeding program and an annual short course on school health and nutrition aimed at policy makers, NGOS and professionals across the African continent. This course provides a platform for sharing groundbreaking knowledge and innovations when it comes to school health and nutrition.

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