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Starting a global dialogue on citizenship

NCDO, 2011-2012

Dr. Monk, how can we include voices from the Global South in the Dutch public debate?

NCDO is an organization funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a mandate to raise awareness and involve the Dutch general public in the debate about international cooperation. The organization has increasingly focused on global citizenship, to emphasize the interconnectedness of people, and to encourage the Dutch to continue to look beyond their borders.

NCDO assigned Dr. Monk the challenging task of advising on how to shift the approach of the whole organization by including the voice of the Global South (Africa, Asia, South America) in the work they do. Dr. Monk engaged in a rigorous fact-finding adventure to uncover the role of the Global South and the way NCDO could practically and sustainably include their voices. Dr. Monk was able to give surprising and out of the box advice that was welcomed with open arms.

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