project Photo: Nelson Tavares

The role of art in social change

Hivos, 2012

Dr. Monk, how successful is the African art platform that we support?

Hivos, the well-known international development organization, has been supporting the development of an Africa-wide arts platform that works against poverty and for human rights on the continent. The network is called Arterial Network and brings together artists and other cultural entrepreneurs.

Members of the network want to keep arts and culture on African political agendas as an essential element of sustainable development. Arterial Network has chapters in 36 African countries.

Using techniques from appreciative inquiry, Dr. Monk evaluated the development of the network and gave recommendations on how to maximize positive impact. Along with literature reviews, we interviewed key stakeholders in The Netherlands, at the headquarters in South Africa and across the African continent. Dr. Monk listened to the dreams and challenges of numerous artistic organizers and activists involved in the network, and advised about ways of turning their vision into reality.

““My experience with Dr Monk: to-the-point, down-to-earth and 100% committed to deliver a well designed quality product.””

Loe Schout, Head of Bureau Culture, ICT and Media at Hivos

What is Dr Monk?

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation. We work with pioneering clients to develop interventions that will help us move towards a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future.

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