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Event & Webinar series 'Shared Resources, Joint Solutions'

WWF and IUCN NL, 2020

How might we celebrate the ending of this important program and give local partners a final boost?

In this wonderful collaboration, team Dr. Monk helped WWF and IUCN NL to close an important partnership through a closing event and webinar series for local partners. The central question: how do we bring local communities, governments, and businesses together to achieve joint solutions that benefit both nature and people?

The Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (SRJS) programme was a five-year partnership between WWF, IUCN NL and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that aimed to support and strengthen local organisations in 16 countries on safeguarding water supply, climate resilience and food security together with governments and companies.

We produced and facilitated the closing event and the webinar series leading up to it. The webinars included topics such as climate finance and uniting environmental human rights defenders. The closing event in November 2020 celebrated the successes achieved by local partners across the globe, reflected on lessons learned and remaining challenges, and provided input for future collaborations.

The event was filled with inspiring speakers and honest discussions, livened up by artistic performances. All this accompanied by music from Dutch-Surinamese performing artist Denise Jannah, who wrote a song especially for the occasion. You can watch the event back here.

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