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Lab Future Generations

Lab Future Generations, 2019

How might we make the wellbeing of future generations central in decisions today?

We are all connected. With the generations ahead of us. With our family, friends and networks in the present. And with future generations: our children, grandchildren, etcetera. Future generations are our fellowmen yet to be born, but also children and youngsters are part of this. They are the ones not in powerful positions in society. They are the ones who’s voice is not heard or not listened to enough. They are the future.

Can we look at the bigger picture and focus on the well-being of future generations instead of focusing on the short term? For the last years we were involved in the Worldconnectors working group, which has now evolved into an experimental Lab for Future Generations. The aim of the Lab is to influence current institutions, discourse, and legislation in the Netherlands to shift towards a focus on a sustainable and inclusive future. Our role is in research and substantiation of what that future entails, and how future generations can influence the present.

What is Dr Monk?

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation. We work with pioneering clients to develop interventions that will help us move towards a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future.

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