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Innovating rural education in Ghana

Digital Green, 2014

Dr. Monk, how can we use technological innovation to strengthen rural communities in Ghana?

Digital Green is an India-based platform that uses an innovative approach to spread good practices around agriculture and health issues among rural communities. The organization has a wealth of experience using video for peer-to-peer education, and has asked Dr. Monk to roll out the program in Ghana.

The videos produced are for farmers, by farmers. The Digital Green approach has been tried and tested in India, with an incredible impact on positive farming practices, while also being up to 10 times more cost effective than other agricultural extension (application of research and new knowledge to agricultural practices) approaches.

Digital Green has expanded to Ghana, where together with Dr. Monk the organization is working to stimulate rural communities to adopt positive changes in their daily practices concerning agriculture and health. We are conducting a cost effectiveness study as well as facilitating partnerships in the development of videos and dissemination of good practices. This exciting South-South collaboration will certainly have a positive long-term impact.

What is Dr Monk?

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation. We work with pioneering clients to develop interventions that will help us move towards a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future.

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