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Documentary research and production for 'Sunny Side of Spirit' on mental health

VPRO, 2015

Dr. Monk, can you produce a documentary on mental well-being and collectivism in Ghana?

Documentary maker Sunny Bergman wondered why four out of ten people in The Netherlands suffer from mental issues like depression, insomnia, burnouts and ADD. How is that in other parts of the world? What can we learn from how people in Ghana, Taiwan and Brazil deal with mental health?

Dr. Monk had the pleasure of producing the documentary in Ghana, which shows how it matters for your mental well-being if you are part of a strong collective. Ama also features in the documentary side by side with Sunny, as her guide through the country and through the complex and layered theme of cross-cultural mental health. A number of Ama's family members in Ghana make fantastic appearances throughout the film. Watch the trailer below and the full documentary (with Dutch voice-over) here!

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