propaganda Mmofra Foundation

Climate change exhibition

Mmofra Foundation, 2015

Climate change is real! How can we prepare children in Ghana for the inevitable challenges?

Dr. Monk collaborated with Mmofra Foundation and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Ghana to create and curate a locally engineered clean-tech playground that educates children on the challenges of climate change.

The focus of the exhibition was on using local, readily available and sustainable materials to build a more resilient future. Infrastructural off-grid features included an aquaponics system, solar panels, biofill toilets, a solar cooker and a locally engineered tippy tap.

Our little guests enjoyed the interactive and playful exhibition that allowed them to learn about this very serious topic. It was a great start to preparing future generations for a long and unknown journey.

What is Dr Monk?

Dr. Monk is an international agency that offers research and ideation. We work with pioneering clients to develop interventions that will help us move towards a more equal, regenerative and compassionate future.

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