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Children’s magazine: trash or treasure?

SamSam, 2014

From trash to treasures – co-producing an edition of a children’s magazine

SamSam, a great Dutch children magazine that encourages kids to look beyond the Dutch borders and become little global citizens, had the idea to make a magazine on second hand things. What happens to everything people, and especially children, discard? Where does all the stuff go?

SamSam contacted Dr. Monk in Ghana to help tell the story of Dutch second hand goods in Ghana. Dr. Monk guided the way through the labyrinth of second hand toys, mattresses, hospital beds, shoes, clothes, computers and even old newspapers that were sent from the Netherlands and were on their way to become someone else’s treasure!  Dr. Monk arranged logistics and thought along in conceptualizing the story. 

This was an exciting opportunity, as we already spent a lot of time pondering the flow of trash and treasures from The Netherlands to Ghana. Now we had the chance to help tell that story to a fantastic audience.

“Our magazine Samsam made an edition in Ghana about second hand clothes, electronic waste and other used products. Ama and her Dr. Monk team prepared our trip, guided me and our photographer to the right places and introduced us to the right people – as such building a very good team that, without losing time, could work very effectively and with a lot of fun in the mean time. Dr. Monk was indispensable for me to carry out my work well. They are capable of building cultural bridges and explain phenomena that were strange or unknown to me. Ama’s intelligent way of working, how she coped with our wishes and analysed the reality of Ghana, I consider fantastic! I would like to endorse Dr. Monk: great service, nice people.”

Liesbeth Schouten, editor-in-chief Samsam Magazine

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