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Chale Wote: annual art festival in Ghana

Chale Wote, 2012 - 2017

Tapping into collective imagination with a Ghanaian street art festival

Chale Wote is the name Ghanaians give to flip-flops. It is also Pidgen English for “hey man, lets go!” For the past years, we have co-created and co-produced a street art festival that carries that name. It aims to tap into the imagination of people and move them to create.

By now, we have created an annual platform to celebrate creativity and public spaces, which has become THE highlight of the Accra cultural agenda. The event has grown into a multiple-day, free-for-all burst of color, filling the streets with music, theatre, dance, photography, and more.

Jamestown, the festival location, is a neglected yet historically rich neighborhood. Using old slave forts as key festival locations, Chale Wote stimulates ways of giving new meaning to the spaces around us.

Together with key partners Accra[dot]Alt, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Institut Français and local authorities, we love to bring mind-blowing, astounding and energizing acts that make the audience feel proud to be a part.

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