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Thanks For The Sweater Grandma - Now Let Me Give You A Big Hug!

Some of you might think of grannies as lonely old ladies, counting down the last days of their lives. Well think again! The granny of the 21st century is an active, dynamic, spunky old lady who hangs with the hippest.

Some smart and sweet young entrepreneurs spotted the hipster potential of grannies. They have created jobs for these geriatric geniuses who knit their socks off for fashionable youngsters, because; who doesn’t want a scarf from a granny?  

Young talented designers sketch out trendy ideas, the grannies knit and the hipsters feel warm and fashionable with their new purchase, everyone is HAPPY! Now, some cynical minds out there might imagine sweat shops filled with grannies, slaving away for our consumption. 

Well, we can assure you that these grannies are having a good time! Not only do they hang out in some of the coolest places in Rotterdam and other Dutch cities, enjoy high tea together and visit museums; they are also seen as some of the coolest cats in town. Everyone wants to hang out with these ancient artisans. Check them out!

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