The Gulabi Gang - getting all PINK on yo ass!

Pink is the new bad-ass. The Gulabi Gang, a women's movement founded in 2006 in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Northern India, combats domestic violence and calls out oppressive husbands, fathers and brothers. And changing social systems while they are at it.

The Gulabi Gang operates in the Banda District, one of the poorest districts in India, that is "marked by a deeply patriarchal culture, rigid caste divisions, female illiteracy, domestic violence, child labour, child marraiges and dowry demands." (Gulabi Gang's website). Gulabi means pink: the members wear bright pink saris and bamboo sticks. Which they are not afraid to use when necessary. 

The gang go up to male offenders and shout at them to make them see reason. More serious offenders that refuse to listen are publicly shamed. And if the men choose to use force, the women resort to their sticks.

Founder Sampat Pal Devi says, “We are not a gang in the usual sense of the term, we are a gang for justice.” The Gang now counts "tens of thousands of women, several male supporters and many successful interventions." They have worked on more honest public distribution of food to people below the poverty line, disbursement of pension to elderly widows and prevention of abuse of women and children. Changing systems by direct action and confrontation. Pink ladies, you rock!

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