Anne Claire de Breij

Women's Day Musings

Women's Day 2017: we have come very far, but we have not yet arrived.

It's a day to celebrate the feminine forces that have shaped us. Here's to strength, creation, perseverance, grace, forgiveness, remembrance, humor, wisdom, divinity. To grandmas, mamas and sisters in crime. To the changemakers across the globe who do the real work of creating revolutions and change. They resonate, inspire and give us strength. We are grateful.

It's also a day to honor the ongoing fight. In 2017, it is still imperative that girls have the right to an education, the right to choose when or whether or not to get married, when or whether or not to have children, equal fair wages, representation in politics... The list goes on. May we work towards a joyful celebration for everyone. A celebration in which we can all boldly claim the right to freedom and fun without fear.

The bad ass ladies at Yoni took the bold Women's Day initiative to invite #changemakers for a photoshoot and interview (in Dutch). We are honored to have been a part of it. Check their website for a surprise: they are giving away free organic period goodies today! Get yours! It's the best! PERIOD!

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